Designed and Built in the USA for Farmers

Built to Farm

Less pesticide, lower eco impact, lower costs

carbon fiber
aerospace grade aluminum
115 HP Sealed Motors
Swappable TeeJet® Nozzles
In the Air

The SC1

Efficient, Effective, Economic

Built to Last

With a rugged lightweight chassis built from premium materials, the SC1 is a step up from disposable plastic junk to a professional grade machine. Built tough from high performance Carbon Fiber and Aerospace grade aluminum, the long lasting SC1 decreases the total cost of ownership.

Productivity and Power

For ag professionals. The 80” Rotors, integrated battery pack, and axial gap motors deliver a massive 200lb (91kg) payload in a road legal aircraft. That means more time in the air and lower usage costs.

Spray Better

Designed for commercial acres.

Our 18 foot spray boom has a high output 30 GPM pump, allowing a wide swath, sharp edges and sprays close to the canopy while minimizing drift.

The Guardian boom is fully compatible with interchangeable TeeJet® nozzles allowing you to customize based on the needs of your operation.

Batteries Built to Last

The SC1 battery pack is the only battery purpose built for agricultural operations. We spent years developing it, balancing its power, energy, and thermal performance.

Your car does not have a swappable battery, neither should your spray rig. Our reliable high cycle battery minimizes downtime and labor and lowers operating costs.

Guaranteed for at least 10,000 cycles.

On the Ground


Industry standard tendering compatible with your existing set up and Banjo® valves.

Simple plug-in recharging, rapid tender and refill make for an easy, safe and quick ground cycle time.

1 Min

The Guardian Supercharger (3x faster than Tesla supercharger) uses automotive grade components to get you back in the air quickly. Faster charging = more productivity.

Farm Ready

Keep up and running with parts you know and depend upon. Easy to repair. Banjo® fittings, industry standard nozzles, and automotive grade air filters you can buy at your local farm store make it simple. Standard dry disconnect Banjo® fittings make it even safer to use.

Field to Field Transport

The SC1 is easy to move without wasting time.
 Simple field to field transport with zero breakdown and set up time, keeps you spraying all day long.



Easy to use before, during and after spraying.


Easy path planning and easy to ingest maps minimize ferry time

farming compatible

works with your agronomy tools


Clear reporting validates what you’ve accomplished

A trusted partner

Made in the USA

Our manufacturing and support
team keeps you in the air.

AMERICAN Partnership

Our US based design and support teams understand and prioritize your needs.


The Guardian system is made of automotive and aviation grade components, designed to keep working for years.

Works when you need it.

That’s just the economics of it. The Guardian system is built to last, and field repairable with parts from your local farm store.


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with the first new agriculture platform in 75 years